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How do you submit a lesson plan to RWT?

First, you must follow the proposal process outlined in the Learn How to Contribute and Prepare Your Proposal tabs. Once you have heard from the RWT staff that your proposal has been approved, you will submit your lesson plan through our online manuscript submission system, Editorial Manager. If you already have an Editorial Manager login and password for RWT, go to to begin the process. If you do not have a login and password for Editorial Manager, go to and register.

To use Editorial Manager to submit your lesson plan, you must have:

  • The lesson plan, with all the headings indicated in the Lesson Plan Template.
  • All original handouts and related resources used in the lesson.

All handouts must be included before the lesson can be reviewed and a decision on publication can be made. Once you are logged into Editorial Manager, click the link for "Submit New Manuscript" and follow the instructions provided.


How do you submit other resources to RWT?

Once you have followed the proposal process outlined in the Learn How to Contribute and Prepare Your Proposal tabs, you will get a response from the RWT team with the acceptance or decline of your proposed resource idea. If your resource proposal has been approved, you will be provided with further instructions for submission to RWT for review and publication.


What happens after you submit a lesson or other resource?

You'll hear from us in reply, confirming that we've received your submission. The resource will be sent out for double blind review. When the reviews have been received, we'll make a decision on publishing the resource and contact you with the details.

Lesson Plan reviewers will use the following criteria as they evaluate and provide feedback on lessons:

General Feedback

  • Is the lesson theoretically sound?
  • Does the material contribute to improving the teaching and learning of the language arts?
  • Does it meet the needs of the intended audience?
  • Is the lesson connected to the NCTE/IRA Standards?

Specific Areas

  • Does the lesson abstract and overview state the goals and purposes of the lesson clearly?
  • Does the Theory to Practice section provide enough detail?
  • Are the student objectives student-oriented? Observable? Clear and unambiguous? Descriptive of a learning outcome?
  • Is the procedure clearly explained, step-by-step?
  • Will the procedure hold the interest of the students?
  • Are the activities in the procedure varied?
  • Does the procedure provide the necessary tools for students to accomplish the objectives?
  • Are the recommended assessment(s) authentic and relevant to the lesson?
  • Are there portions of the lesson you would expand, condense, add, or delete altogether?

Web Resources

  • What organization or individual created/maintains this site?
  • What is the domain (.com, .edu, k12, .gov, .org, etc.)?
  • Can teachers (or students) rely on the accuracy of the site's information? Is the information up to date?
  • Is the material--including any advertising, if applicable--appropriate for the suggested grade level of the lesson?
  • Does the site's content enhance the lesson? How?

Lesson plans and other resource submissions frequently require revisions before they are finally accepted. Publication on the RWT site can take several months after all final, revised files have been received and accepted. Stipends are paid upon publication.


We look forward to working with you!

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